How to Book an Old Ore Road Shuttle



Bright and Early on Thursday morning, SHUTTLE DRIVERS will be arriving at the North End of Old Ore Road; ready to drive vehicles around to the end of the Ride (Rio Grande Village). A few quick notes about the Shuttle Service:

Shuttle fees and reservations are NOT included with (or reserved) your pre-registration.
Shuttle numbers are limited and are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
Shuttles must be reserved separately from pre-registration and must be booked IN ADVANCE.

>> Only folks registered for the Bike Fest may book a Driver.
>> Riders must display their wrist-band/Entry Plate.
             (Event Staff will be at the meet point to check in pre-registered riders)
>> Ca$h ONLY. Fee for the Shuttle Service is a ca$h donation to the Big Bend Trails Alliance.
              Everyone is also encouraged to tip their driver ostentatiously!
              (Event Staff will be at the meet point to accept the fees and help co-ordinate shuttling.)
>> Two sets of keys can be very convenient; but are not required.


Old Ore Road

Old Ore Road Shuttle Drivers from 2016… with many thanks.

Click here to send an email to book a Shuttle Driver.