Bike Fest FAQs


What are the dates for 2018?

Presidents’ Day Weekend: February 15, 16 & 17, 2018.

When is pre-registration for 2018 open?

Pre-registration for 2018 will start in December, 2017.

Is there a cap on the numbers of riders?

Yes. This event will stop accepting registrations at 500. 

Will I be able to register at the event?

If all 500 slots are not filled by event day, registration will be open.

Will you take credit cards?

Yes. When you pre-register online with you can use VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. And we will take all major credit cards at Event HQ.

What will my Registration wristband get me?

Registration gives you access to both the Lajitas Trails and the Big Bend Ranch State Park trail systems for three days. It allows you to join in any and all of the Bike Fest Rides. It allows you to take out Demo Bikes. A wristband also gets you into the Beer Socials after each day’s ride. Great local service providers often honour your wristbands with cool discounts as well. Check them out on our Sponsors page.

When is the race?

This is not a race … just all the fun that goes with it! Fun Rides. Fun Afternoons. Fun Evenings. Fun EPIC riding! And the dates are February 16, 17 & 18, 2017.

Directions and Logistics

Where is this amazing event being held?

We’ll be riding all over the wider Big Bend area, (National Park, State Park and Lajitas) but once again we’ll be basing operations out of the Maverick Ranch RV Park that is part of the Lajitas Golf Resort.

Do I need a passport to attend this event?

Not if you are a U.S. Cititzen. Recently the Electronic Checkpoint has opened at Boquillas and folks can scan their passport and travel over into Mexico… so if you’d like to do that (maybe after the Old Ore Road Ride on Thursday?) make sure you bring your passport.

Where is the Maverick Ranch RV Park?

Just north of Lajitas off Hwy 170. See this Google map.

What is the water situation at the RV Park and on the trails?

There will be some support and emergency refill water available trailside in one or two locations in the State Park and on the Lajitas Property. There is utility water at the RV Park for people that are staying there. Folks should bring their own supplies of drinking water and more can be purchased at the Lajitas Store just outside the entrance to the RV Park.

Is accommodation included with my Ride Pass?


Where can I reserve my camping/RV Space?

Call the front desk at Lajitas Resort for best results. 1-877-LAJITAS and tell them that your are attending the Bike Fest. Check out our Lajitas Partner Page for more info. Lajitas Resort is presently SOLD OUT for 2017 and booking fast for 2018. For more options check out our Local Information page on the Desert Sports website.

Where can I reserve my hotel rooms?

Call the front desk at Lajitas Resort for best results. 1-877-LAJITAS and tell them that your are attending the Bike Fest. Check out our Lajitas Partner Page for more info. Lajitas Resort is SOLD OUT for the event, but taking bookings for 2018. 


Will t-shirts be available for sale at the event?

Yes. They will be on sale with pre-registration, and then there are a limited number left to sell at the event. The best way to ensure that there is a shirt there waiting for you in your size is to pre-order one with your pre-registration. 

Are maps of the courses available?

There are good maps available through the Big Bend Ranch State Park. Also, an adventurous local rider, Alex Bowling, has posted some of the routes he has ridden in the past. You can check them out here:
2013 IMBA EPIC Fresno/Sauceda Route
Lajitas Trails Inner loop
Big Bend Ranch State Park Dome Loop with Extra Chimney Rock Trail 
Lajitas Trails Outer Loop
Also MTBproject has some great information and maps of the Fresno/Sauceda EPIC as well as some other local trails. You can look at a printable copy of the EPIC map

Questions not answered?

Then there's only one thing to do:

Please email us here at Desert Sports and we will try to answer all your questions.