Suggested Gear List

A minimal gear list for beginning mountain bicyclists:

  • Mountain Bike: multi-speed or single speed. Bike designed for backcountry travel over rough terrain. This bike should be in good running order with lubed chain, working brakes, etc.
  • Bike tires: in good shape, designed for traveling in rough terrain, suggested minimum tire diameter of 1.95”.
  • Sealant for your tires/tubes comes so highly recommended that we might call it a requirement. Common brand name brands would be Slime or Stan’s, or Orange Seal, too!
  • Spare tubes with sealant. Carry at least one tube with you for shorter rides, two or more on longer excursions.
  • Pump for your tubes; carry with you on all rides.
  • Tire levers: to remove and install your tire after you have a flat tire.
  • Patch kit for your tubes, in case you run out of spare tubes on the ride.
  • Wrench: if you need one to take off your wheels.
  • Allen wrench/key set, with sizes to fit bolts on your bike, for tightening up those bolts that are bound to rattle loose.