BBNP Old Ore Road Logistics

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Old Ore Road

Both the Longer and the Shorter rides meet at the north end of the Old Ore Road at 10 am, Thursday, Feb. 11. Keep in mind that the ENFORCED speed limit inside the National Park is 45 mph so it will likely take 90 minutes to drive from Lajitas to the meet point.

The Longer Ride (30+ miles) is one-way, all the way to bottom. The map outlines the start location and the basic route of the ride.

The Shorter Ride (18 miles) is an out and back to McKinney Springs.

Logistics for riding the Old Ore Road are significant when compared to many other rides in the CDBF; but the ride is SO GREAT, in so many ways, that the logistical arrangements required are well worth it. The Old Ore Road itself ends at the paved road and this year we will turn LEFT on the blacktop and head down to finish in Rio Grande Village; where folks can get supplies at the store, head over to the Hot Springs for a dip, or, after decades of closure, visit the lovely Mexican village of Boquillas! (don’t forget to bring your passport to cross).

Old Ore Road is inside Big Bend National Park: so each car that drives into the park must pay its appropriate entry fee. Vehicle permits are valid for a week.

The big logistical challenge is how to get your vehicle from the start to the finish. If there is a rider in your vehicle that is doing the Shorter Ride they can drive your vehicle around after their return and meet you at Rio Grande Village. This is the easiest and best way to get your vehicle to end of the ride. 

bigbendresorts Local sponsor Big Bend Resort and Adventures (of the Big Bend Motor Inn), has sponsored a shuttle service for the Old Ore Ride for the past few years. A limited number of drivers are available to meet folks at the start of the ride to transport their vehicle to Rio Grande Village (the end of the ride). The fee for this service is a cash donation to the Big Bend Trails Alliance (the larger the better!) and please feel free to tip your driver ostentatiously as well! Fees for this will only be accepted in cash and only at the start of the ride. In order to book a shuttle driver contact Desert Sports


Old Ore Road

Old Ore Road Shuttle Drivers for 2016… with many thanks.